Saturday, January 12, 2013

Commvault SnapBackup/ Netapp SnapProtect Configuration

Commvault's description:

"Simpana 8 - SnapBackup
New SnapBackup feature integrates seamlessly with hardware-based snapshot technologies to create persistent application and data consistent recovery copies directly from snapshots, bypassing the production server and virtually eliminating the need for an operational backup window. Simpana software removes the configuration and management complexity normally associated with snapshot management, creates a unified policy management framework for multiple pre-certified storage vendors including EMC and NetApp and offers point and click recovery points from any storage tier (online, nearline, offline)..........."

-For the actual commvault configuration so that it can manage the netapp array(s) and snapshots, commvault will have to be setup to talk to Netapp DFM host IP, and netapp credentials will be needed as per the screenshot below from the commvault management console:

-From there you can snap a host's lun (srv204) and restore the netapp lun snapshot to another host(srv4) [Following is the netapp output]:

netapp32> Jan 1 16:06:56 [netapp32:]: LUN /vol/srv204/MP_srv4_132408814_srv4 was mapped to initiator group cv_srv4_132_FC=2
Jan 1 16:07:24 [netapp32:]: LUN /vol/srv204/MP_srv4_132408814_srv4 unmapped from initiator group cv_srv4_132_FC
Jan 1 16:07:24 [netapp32: lun.destroy:info]: LUN /vol/srv204/MP_srv4_132408814_srv4 destroyed

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