Friday, October 25, 2013

Netapp Cluster-mode DataONTAP commands

Some useful Netapp cluster mode commands. Tested on a data ontap 8.2 'c-dot' system. Useful when System manager is missing something.

Creates FCP target LIFs. Zoning will be to these virtualized LIF WWPNs.
network interface create -vserver myvserver -lif -myvserver-lif-fc1 -role data -data-protocol fcp -home-node netapp-node01 -home-port 0a

Display FCP target WWPNs:
vserver fcp portname show

Vserver    Interface      WWPN
---------  -------------- -------------------------
myvserver myvserver-lif-fc1 20:02:00:aa:00:00:00:00

Maps a CIFS/NFS share so NFS users get mapped to a specific AD user account and group for share access:
vserver nfs modify -vserver myvserver -default-win-user AD-DOMAIN\account-name -default-win-group AD-DOMAIN\Security-Group-Name

Create an email destination for health alerts from the cluster:
event destination create -name netapp_alerts -mail

Send specific event like lun offline to email address
event route add-destinations -messagename lun.offline -destinations netapp_alerts

Turn on LED on a drive, possible use failed drive ID for tech:
storage disk set-led  -disk 4d.10.1 -action on

Mount namespace when it is unmounted:
volume mount -vserver myvserver -volume vol01_test -junction-path /test

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